gratitude and hope

2010 is gone. 2011 arrives.

with the advent of a new year, i am feeling introspective.  i wanted to take a moment to reflect on this year and dream for next year.  i think often times the new year comes and we don’t spend more than a minute to acknowledge what has happened over the past year and what we hope the next year will bring.  this morning i read a post from a pastor that i respect, and he challenged his readers to stop and consider these two questions, “what are you grateful for?” and “what are you hoping for?”  i’d like to be transparent and share some of my answers:

what are you grateful for?

  • being challenged to read through the Bible in a year. it changed my life.
  • my experience as a VISTA for habitat. also changed my life and taught me how to budget!
  • christian counseling. (see previous post)
  • the journey that led me up to my decision to go to ocean’s edge.
  • my friends, new and old, that have provided invaluable words of encouragement, hope, and love.
  • a family that has shown me so much love and support on my wild goose chase.

what are you hoping for?

  • continuing to find and use my voice.
  • discovering my destiny.
  • building deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  • restoration and healing.
  • seizing more opportunities to lead.
  • building more confidence in who i am as a daughter of the Living God.
  • being ok with making mistakes, as long as i learn from them.
  • living a life that is anything but normal.

your turn to answer the questions!


the week that changed everything

if one sign that i needed to go wasn’t enough, God provided with many many more that week that just confirmed everything.

tuesday:  i got an email and phone call from doug telling me the pastor emailed him about our conversation, saying it was very positive.  he was meeting with his team of leaders on friday to discuss everything, and would get back to me or doug shortly thereafter.  doug also gave me a little wiggle room to arrive because orientation was on saturday and classes would be starting in exactly one week…  the short time frame was stressing me out, but to receive grace on his end was comforting.

wednesday: i met with my counselor again and told her literally everything that was going on.  more tears.  more burden-lifting.  more excitement.  she prayed over me, spoke more encouraging words into my life, and validated all of what i was going through.  she told me that my situation had the handprint of God on it, and my only responsibility was to respond in obedience.  He will take care of the rest.  i was so assured after i left that going to oe was the right thing to do.  if you’ve never experienced a peace like this, i pray that one day you will!

thursday: i received a phone call from habitat for humanity international saying that they received my application and if they are interested in pursuing me, that they would contact me.  i asked if there was any way i could speak to someone directly in the national service department (in an effort to plead my case), and she kindly said no.  alright then.  consider that a door closed.

friday: got a text from my mom’s cousin, asking me if i could babysit her kids on labor day.  i responded no because i’m moving to fort lauderdale to go to school for music…  that in itself was a crazy thing to say!  she called me back a little while later and asked what the name of the school was, and i told her.  she freaks out and tells me that she just got off the phone with her best friend who lives in fort lauderdale and whose kids go to school at calvary chapel academy!  they want to help me get settled in!  she wants to give me her information so we can connect once i got down here.  i’m sorry, what?!  what are the chances?

saturday: packing.  ugh.  since it was labor day weekend, my sister had off on monday and asked for tuesday off as well. i only had one day to back since she and i decided that we would leave on sunday and plan to arrive on tuesday afternoon.  it was crazy, too btw, that she was able to get that day off so soon before she asked… anyway, i generally dread packing.  it stresses me out.  i always over-pack and regret it or forget that one thing that i really need and regret that too.  but this day of packing all of my worldly possessions into boxes and bags went so smoothly, it was unreal.  and everything fit so well in my little car.  awesome.

i was ready to move to florida.  all that was left were goodbyes…

genesis 12:1 “go… and i will show you.”