think about the people you talked to today.  think about your family.  think about the strangers you passed by on your errands yesterday.  we’re all created different, yet equally.  like all of the pieces and parts of your body that are coordinated by your brain and which allow you to walk, chew, sneeze, and read, each one of us plays a different role in this thing called life, and in this thing called the “church”.

oddly (or not really oddly) enough, i’ve heard about unity 3 times in the past 5 days.  i think God is trying to get my attention… so i’m going to strive to be unified with those who are around me.  i want to embrace our differences with all lowliness and meekness, while developing patience through bearing with one another.  this is taken directly from ephesians 4.

and then john 17.  Jesus prays that we will be unified like He and His Father are unified.  marinate on that for a moment…  Jesus wants us to be brought to complete unity, like unity of the Trinity, with distinct members but one ultimate being.  and the point of it all is to bring the Father glory.  that is huge!  i want to fellowship with Jesus like He fellowships with His Father and the Holy Spirit.

i want to strive for unity.  what would unity look like in your life?