waiting here for You

don’t move. watch this. and just wait.


the light

lately i’ve been obsessed with the Light.  i want to see the Light of God in everything i do.

it started a few weeks ago, when a man, who happens to be a scientist, shared an interesting fact about light at a small group i visited.  *nerd alert: physics explanation coming.  einstein proved in his theory of relativity that as you approach the speed of light, time slows down.  in fact, if you travel at the speed of light, time stops altogether.  if you were to take two twins and send one of them to the closest galaxy outside of our solar system and back to earth at the speed of light, he would be younger than the twin who stayed on earth.  make sense?

now in 1 John 1:5, it says that God is Light.  there is no darkness in Him.  and this totally made more sense to me.  we know that God operates outside our space time continuum, but i never really understood how that is possible.  the theory of relativity explains it perfectly.  God is Light and light is infinite and exists outside of time.  wow.

i want my life to operate in the light. (cue dcTalk song)

how i spent my summer

check out this video i made to highlight some events from the Vacation Bible School program i directed this summer!

claim your calling

there is something so powerful about praying about your calling, receiving your calling, and then sharing that calling with others.  every time you say it, you claim it a little more and slowly, it becomes part of your identity.  those you share it with are strengthened and encouraged as they see God speaking into your life.  perhaps some of them are even motivated to start praying about their calling if they are insecure about it.

just this morning i was doubting my calling (once again) and feeling rather overwhelmed and underequipped for it all.  then a good friend and mentor called me and i got to update her on what was going on in my life – including more details about pursuing my calling.  she said she got the chills and told me that if it wasn’t clear for me on my end, that from her end, it was very clear what God was doing.  i thought, “Wow.  That is just what I needed.  God wanted to remind me through my words what He wants to do with me.”  And my countenance has completely changed.   Sometimes we need an outsider’s perspective to gain the proper outlook on our situation.  It helps you realize that there’s more to the world than the insecurities that run circles in your head.

let me encourage you.

if you don’t know what your calling is, pray about it.  make a list: what breaks your heart and moves you to tears?  what makes you boil with anger?  what brings you happiness?  God has given you specific passions, and these questions can help you figure them out.

next, listen for God to answer you.  He will- in a Scripture passage.  in a vision.  through a friend or a mentor.  in that still small voice in your heart.

then, claim your calling.  share it with those you trust around you.  blog about it.  tweet about it.  write it in your journal.  write it down in big chunky letters to remind yourself daily if you have to.

finally, pursue your calling.  ask the Holy Spirit to guide your next steps and decisions.  listen to His voice and His direction.  get soaked in prayer and the Word.  and when you’re feeling discouraged, think of someone else you can call or tell about it.  you’ll be amazed at how the sound of your own voice, guided by the Holy Spirit, can lift your own spirit like none other.  you can even tell me and i promise i’ll be excited 😉