give thanks

a simple list of things i’m thankful for this year:

  • my car that has been faithful over thousands of miles
  • my little house with my little own room and my little comfy porch by the beach
  • a community of like-minded individuals and lifetime friends from ocean’s edge school
  • employers and their children that have brought me so much joy
  • family that sticks together a midst tragedy
  • friends that travel long distances and use the wonders of modern technology to stay connected
  • an income that allows me to give generously
  • my intercessors that have uttered countless, powerful prayers on my behalf
  • Elijah House school for prayer ministry that has changed my life
  • my God, for his enduring love

what are you thankful for?  let’s give thanks.


fighting for you

life as a nanny has been teaching me things about Father God that i know i wouldn’t have learned otherwise.  i’ve heard it said that being a parent completely changes how you see God as the Father.  even though i’m not a parent, i am thankful that i’m learning these lessons now and almost feel privileged to get a “sneak peak” at what’s to come.

being a nanny makes you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.  for example, a few months ago i was outside playing with the two-year old and his grandma, who was planting tulip bulbs.  we were looking for bugs and worms, and when we found one, the little boy shrieked back in terror.  to assuage his fear, i offered to hold the worm so he could get a closer look and see how harmless it is.  i wanted him to be able to face his fears.  inside, i was shrieking, especially as the little creepy crawler got a little more restless and began to wiggle enthusiastically on my palm.

never would i pick up a worm if it wasn’t for my little buddy.

then there was the time last week where i had to extricate a toy from a toilet on which sat the four-year old.  she had just finished doing her business and then got bored, so took a toy and hid it behind her back… only it slipped from her tiny fingers.  i had the honor of retrieving and disinfecting it and my hands.

never would i reach into a used toilet if it wasn’t for my other little buddy.

and finally this past week i took the four-year old and the eight-month old to a birthday party at a place that was filled with blow-up, bouncy things.  you know the kind.  the kind that draw children of all ages out of the woodwork to climb, jump, roll, run, and squeal their way into sweaty necks, red faces, and a solid nap when they’re finished.  this particular place had a giant slide that towered loomingly over the 40-inch tall humans running around.  fear was crippling the little girl and she gazed up at me with glassy eyes and pouty lips, pleading that i ride with her.  all around me parents were casually chatting, gently scolding the obnoxious ones, and enthusiastically cheering on the brave ones.  none of the other adults were being asked to revert back to their childhood, climb atop this beast of a slide, and fly down it with grace and ease.  i wouldn’t let that deter me.  i knew that once my little one experienced the thrill, she would find an inner courage and be able to repeat it again and again with her newfound friends.  so i climbed that slide.  i sat down at the top.  and i enjoyed my ride down.  in fact, i went two more times because it was just that great.

never would i ride a giant slide in public if it wasn’t for my little buddy.

all that to say that i was reminded of the Father, doing things for us all the time.  He is on our side, always.  He is fighting for us, all the time.  do you think He wants to see us paralyzed by fear?  do you think He wants to see us struggle?  do you think He’s going to “hold the worm”, “stick His hand in a toilet”, and “ride a giant slide” if you asked Him to?

i think so.

whether you’ve just been diagnosed with something horrible, or you’re wondering about how you’re going to pay this month’s bills, or you’re stressing about that next exam, or you’re praying that your loved one makes right decisions, God the Father is fighting for you.  even if you don’t think you can fight any longer, you can just stand firm and trust that God’s not going to leave you.

therefore my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. let nothing move you. 1 corinthians 15:58.

do not be afraid. stand firm, and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. exodus 14:13

a lesson from cake decorating

last friday night i took a fondant cake decorating class.  it was so fun.  a picture of my cake is below.  i signed up for the class because i was watching one of those cake decorating classes, and thought that if i spent hours designing and building models with inedible and delicate material, i could definitely do the same with cakes!  how much is there to know?  how hard could it be?
well for 3 hours i learned just the basics of fondant and how to create beautiful, edible works of art.  i’m telling you, the more the teacher taught, the more i thought, “wow, there’s more to this than you think.”  i give those cake designers way more credit now than i did before.
isn’t that life though?  you think you know a lot about something, only to discover upon further research or examination that you have no idea.  the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.
it’s true about God too.  i’m learning so much about Him, daily, yet i realize that there is infinitely more that i don’t know.  rather than being overwhelmed at the truth that i will never fully know Almighty God, i’m pretty excited about getting to discover a new facet of His kaliedescopic Being every day from the Word.  what an honor to receive special revelation from Him!  truly humbling.
what have you learned about Him lately?

the finished product