words of life

“you’re so cool.”

“you look like a million bucks.”

“you are a gift.”

“you’re just great.”

over the past few weeks, people who are not particularly close to me have spoken these short phrases into my life.  my first reaction to each person was, “why? what did i do?” (performance oriented!).  but then, my heart softened and i accepted the words as truth.  and let me tell you, they have given me life.  i’ve remembered these words during moments when i suddenly felt discouraged and they have lifted my spirits.  i’ve thought about them for many nights afterwards and let their truth sink into my spirit.  i’ve appreciated the people who are candid enough to share their thoughts and speak life into my soul.  i realized then that we have such a powerful tool and rarely use it to its full potential.

proverbs 18:21 says, “the tongue has the power of life and death…”

have you ever been cut down by people’s flippant words?  those toxic words stick with you, even if you receive a million words of affirmation after them.  eventually, you may even believe those lies.  i’m sure i’ve even uttered some harsh remarks to people or even behind their backs, and i’m convicted.  i’ve asked for forgiveness. and i’m going to make a conscious effort to speak life.

think about it.  you have a tongue.  you speak words and phrases all day.  how many of them give others life?  how many bring death?  

choose to speak words of life into people.  i doesn’t have to be long or eloquent.  but speak life.  you’ll make more of a difference than you’ll ever know.

that’s my new year’s resolution.