big news.

How would you announce to the world a piece of big news? Would you write a book and get it published by Zondervan in hopes that, like the Bible, it would sell millions of copies in hundreds of translations in every language around the world? Would you charter professional jet pilots and have them write the big news in the sky? Would you ride on horseback through every town in the country in the wee hours of the morning and shout, “Big news is coming! Big news is coming!”? Would you collaborate with a famous musician, writing a song about your big news, and let it be sung in rhyme to listeners on the radio? Would you stand in for that famous movie star and dramatically reenact the unfolding events of your big news on the big screen? Would you ask the President to include it in his next big speech to the country? Would you write to CNN and ask them to include it in the headlines of the morning news? Would you write a series of children’s books about it that somehow taps into an innate, common human instinct that becomes addicting and is read by children, young adults, and parents everywhere?

Or, would you simply write a short blog post to your little section of the world, announcing your big news to your readers and anxiously awaiting the effects of word of mouth?

Well, here goes nothing! I accepted a position leading worship full time at a church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. And I’m moving in 5 weeks.

…to be continued!