i live here


I was waiting in line for ice cream at Day’s in my town the other day with my brother. As I was contemplating the all-important decision of which of the four soy ice cream flavors would be mine, the two ladies in front of me kept remarking about my dog. Cody has a habit of sniffing ankles, because that’s all he can reach. It’s a great conversation starter. We got to chatting and one of the ladies asked me, “Are you staying here?”

Little did she know what she was asking. No, in fact I’m not staying here. I’m leaving. But I didn’t tell her that.

Instead, I replied, “Oh, no. I live here.” Her face lit up and she remarked that it was a wonderful place. I wholeheartedly agreed. But there is only one week left until I don’t live here anymore. Wow! Definition of bittersweet.

I went for a run yesterday around town and down the boardwalk and was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I got to spend four years of my life with my sister here. I will surely miss everything about this town! If you’re ever in NJ, you need to visit God’s Square Mile at the Jersey Shore.