no, i live here.


tomorrow it will be three weeks since i’ve left my home in ocean grove.  hard to believe it’s been that long yet it seems like i’ve been away for such a long time.  i’m riding waves of excitement, anticipation, loneliness, and fear.  so much has happened in the past month:

my sister’s married.


starting my career.

leaving my family and home.

dreaming about the future.

yet i know, in all of the confusion right here, right now, is where i’m supposed to be.  i am thankful for the opportunities that were practically dropped into my lap.  i’ve learned from past experiences that i need to appreciate the now.  i was reminded last week that i need to enjoy life.  so, on days when i get to relax by the pool and read the final installment of the hunger games, i take it for all it’s worth.

i have felt the prayers from so many people and have been welcomed with open arms by new family and friends here.  for that, i am truly thankful.