How Traveling 200 Miles Gave Me Eternal Perspective



Back in August I went on a missions trip overseas to the Bahamas.  It was a short trip (both in length measured in miles and length measured in days), but it expanded my perspective in massive ways.   I wrote an article about it for my friends at Circles of Faith.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has just alerted us that we’ve reached our cruising altitude.  You’re now free to move about the cabin,” the flight attendant chirped over the loudspeaker in our tiny airplane heading from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to Nassau, Bahamas.

What seemed like less than five minutes later, I heard her voice again announcing that we had begun our initial descent and anyone moving about the cabin had to return to their seats with seat belts securely fastened. Our flight time that August morning lasted a total of 26 minutes.

I had expected a quick flight. I hadn’t expected that through this trip God would teach me vast lessons about His character and my heart.

Read more about it at Circles of Faith!



In an attempt to rekindle my dedication to my blog, I’ve given it a face lift.

I was reminded today of the discipline that it takes to be a blogger.  My aim here is not to be paid to write or to change the world through my blog, but rather, to once again utilize this space as a means of public reflection and a method of accountability.  I want it to be an Ebenezer.  Or an altar.  Or just a series of marks in my life that I can stop and say, “Hitherto the Lord has helped me.”

I’ve lost the art of rest and meditation, and I need to bring it back.

So, in essence, the redesign is more for my sake than yours.  I can only pray that the victories and struggles that I hope to periodically recount will speak to you, too.